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If you’re a busy entrepreneur trying to grow a business, the last thing you need to waste time on is another awful “networking conference.”

You know the one:

— The one where you sit through insufferable, arrogant, speakers who are supposed to be teaching you but all they’re really doing is making you feel like there’s no way you can ever achieve that level of success.

— The one where the attendees are even more boring than you could’ve imagined, and you struggle to find interesting things to talk about with the people you’re stuck sitting next to.

— The one where you suffer through bad food, even worse coffee, no wifi, and at the end of the day you realise you would’ve been better off taking your laptop down to Starbucks.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough: you pay a lot of money “for the experience,” you take time off from real business building activities, and you don’t actually learn anything worth implementing.

You get home with a handful of notes that get shelved and never looked at again.

Talk about a waste of time.

If you’ve been an entrepreneur for a while, you’ve probably been to an event just like that: an event that wastes your time and never moves you forward.

And if you’re anything like me, you don’t have any time to waste while you’re building your empire.

I’m Peter Shankman, serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and best selling author.

You may know me best as the founder of Help a Reporter Out.

I’ve been to a lot of business conferences over the last 20 years, and I know what a waste of time they can be.

— You have to take a whole day off from working on growing your business.

— You are talked at (not to) by arrogant speakers who don’t get what you’re going through.

— You leave with a few ideas, but nothing you’re ever going to implement because none of the advice was actionable.

I knew it was time for a different kind of business event.

I knew it was time for a live mastermind that leaves you brimming with ideas and implementation strategies.

A mastermind that leaves you feeling empowered, not overwhelmed.

A mastermind that helps you boost your revenue while growing your network.

I hope you’ll be one of the amazing entrepreneurs to join us, and walk away with a business breakthrough.

Intentional action leads to big results.

This is a day-long, in-person conference and mastermind and specifically focused on growing your business, increasing your revenue, and helping you get the breakthrough you’re craving.

— You’ll discover actionable strategies you can implement to get real results in your business.

— You’ll discover how to take intentional, focused action that moves you forward.

— You’ll soak up years of business knowledge from inspiring entrepreneurs.

Brainstorm strategies to boost your business

Brainstorm business-boosting strategies with entrepreneurs from all walks of business.

Meet like-minded entrepreneurs

Spend your day with like-minded entrepreneurs who are just as driven as you are.

Discover how to increase your revenue

Walk away with actionable strategies you can implement to boost your revenue.

See behind the scenes at our latest event, as filmed by Ramon Ray, founder of Smart Hustle Magazine!

Save your seat at this must-attend business mastermind.


Annual ShankMinds members: $350.

What you can expect

In Manhattan, starting at 9am on June 15th and going until the last question has been answered, you’ll soak up more knowledge, entrepreneurial hacks and greater value for your business than you’ve ever gotten in one place.


You’ll hear my brand new keynote focusing on success, failure, and sharing things I’ve never before admitted. This keynote will include:

  • If I hadn’t failed as much as I did, I wouldn’t have known the success I’ve had.
  • Even though I feel like a failure daily, I also know what I need to do to get past it each day.
  • The biggest lie I ever told and why it still haunts me
  • The seven steps I took to make my first $10k with HARO
  • …and much, much more.

Additionally, you’ll hear where I think the future of marketing, advertising, customer service, and business is going, and what you need to do to be ready for the customer of tomorrow!

Spend the day brainstorming

Sitting around tables with 5 other entrepreneurs and you’ll each focus on breaking apart, dissecting, and reassembling your own unique business.

You’ll work on busting through the challenges that have been holding you back, and getting actionable takeaways you can implement immediately to grow your business and generate new revenue.

You’ll walk away with countless new ideas and strategies that will grow your business


A private event with limited space, you’ll focus on working only with those who also want to grow.

You’ll have multiple opportunities during the day to meet everyone at the Mastermind. Strong bonds are formed as you discover how you can help (and be helped) by entrepreneurs with decades of experience.

Attendees become fast friends and colleagues and support each other both online and offline.

Meals, snacks, and coffee included.

Nourishment is good for brainpower! We provide the meals, coffee, snacks, and a fun happy hour afterwards so you’ll have lots of time to network with high-level entrepreneurs who want to see you flourish. (Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options will be available.)

Admission into the ShankMinds Network.

You’ll have the opportunity to join ShankMinds attendees from around the world in a private social network, where you can find new business, find help with any kind of problem, or even just find a dinner partner in a different city!

Click play to discover the one thing everybody gets wrong about entrepreneurship.

January 24th: ShankMinds NYC

Save your seat at this must-attend business mastermind.


Annual ShankMinds members: $350.


What is the venue?
The event is held at Convene.

810 Seventh Ave
(between 52nd and 53rd)
New York, NY 10019

Will there be wifi?
Yep! Wifi will be available at the venue.
Can I livestream the event?
We respectfully request you don’t livestream the event. This is a high-value event, and we want to respect the investment made by all of the attendees.
Will there be vegetarian/vegan options?
Yes, we strive to accommodate dietary needs. There will be vegetarian and vegan options available.
What's your refund policy?
Because we adhere to a strict cap on the number of attendees, there are no refunds. However, if you can’t attend, you can transfer your registration to a future ShankMinds: Breakthrough event.
What other hotels do you recommend?
The Courtyard Marriott Manhattan/Central Park. 1717 Broadway, New York, NY 10019, USA