Take control of your ADHD and learn to use it to your advantage in this private coaching program
with Peter Shankman, bestselling author of
“Faster Than Normal.”

Are you tired of your brain “letting you down?”

Are you tired of feeling like you’re doomed to keep screwing up?

Are you tired of letting down your friends, family, and colleagues?

Isn’t it time you used the speed of your Faster Than Normal brain to take back control of your life?

Are you ready to make a massive change for the better?

The I know all too well the struggles that come with having ADHD. When I grew up with it, it didn’t exist, and I spent my entire school journey being told to “sit down and stop disrupting the class.” I know what it’s like to feel like any success you have is a matter of luck.

I know the fear of wondering what you’re going to do when your luck runs out.

And I know what it’s like to spend your days struggling with imposter syndrome, and wondering why you have any success at all.

BUT: I also know these feelings can be conquered. I’m living proof of that, several times over.

With guidance, mentorship, and a plan, you can change your Faster Than Normal brain from a barrier holding you back, to a full-throttle sports car that will let you use every ounce of extra speed that your ADHD can give you!

The Faster Than Normal: ADHD Accelerator is a private 1:1 coaching program designed specifically for adults and students alike, all of whom are ready to unlock their greatness, grow their abilities, and use their ADHD to become their best self.

In The Faster Than Normal: ADHD Accelerator, we’ll focus on learning strategies to help you utilize all the speed and features of your ADHD brain. I’ll help you understand that ADHD is a gift, not a curse, and we’ll use that gift to improve every facet of your life by honing in on your zone of genius, eliminating distractions, and executing your own personalized plan for success.

Here's what you get

Faster Than Normal: ADHD Accelerator is a private coaching program. When you join you’ll get:

Actionable insight, and out-of-the-box ideas to use to utilize your ADHD, tailored exclusively by me, for you.

A trusted ADHD advisor. I will be your confidant, your coach, and I will call you on your b.s. when you need it the most.

The knowledge and security of knowing you’re being guided by someone who has learned to use his ADHD to his advantage, used it to start and sell companies, used it to improve his life. My entire brain will be at your disposal.

Two 30 minute 1:1 calls per month with me where we can discuss whatever is on your mind, plus unlimited email communication!

This program requires a 6 month commitment, and your investment is only $1000 per month.

Monthly payment options are available.

How is Faster Than Normal: ADHD Accelerator different?

Unlike the tons of other coaching programs out there, this one is led by someone who has been there, done that, and figured out how to do it better. Unlike coaches who don’t understand ADHD because they’ve never learned to USE IT:

I have an established brand that comes from actually starting and selling three different companies and publishing six bestselling books, not just reading about the theory of ADHD. EVERYTHING I’ve done, both good and bad, has been influenced by my ADHD.

 I am known around the world for not being afraid to take chances, not being afraid to try new things, and not being afraid to leave my comfort zone, and take my clients along with me. Whether it’s business, skydiving, or ADHD, this is how I live, 100% transparent.

I have connections across the globe that I am more than willing to share with my trusted clients, becoming the “connector” that so many people need, but few actually receive. Need someone who gets you in Bangkok or Boise? I’ve got you covered.

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Space is limited to who are ready to turn their ADHD from a curse into a gift, and is designed for those who can see past the label of being “broken,” and understand that their ADHD is truly their secret superpower.
If that’s you, apply now.