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Lesson 1: Foundations of Getting Press

Powerful principles about getting press are at the core of this lesson, and this lesson alone will set you light-years ahead of your peers.

Lesson 2: Finding Press Opportunities

Discover how to find the best press opportunities for your business so you don’t waste your time chasing coverage that won’t go anywhere.

Lesson 3: Building Your Press Kit

Build out your very own press kit and finally wow reporters from the moment they open your Press Kit.

Lesson 4: Cultivating Media Contacts

Create, cultivate, nurture, and grow your media relationships, without annoying the contact, without wasting their time, and without getting blacklisted.

Lesson 5: Perfecting Your Pitch

Discover the three things you must have in your pitch, the three you must avoid, and the single thing that is absolutely mandatory.

Lesson 6: Designing Your Media Strategy

Craft a solid media plan that you can tweak and update as opportunities present themselves.