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Melanie Curtis on using fear to your advantage

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Melanie Curtis is a coach, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and professional skydiver. Melanie’s clients are like her… intense Type-A personalities, vibrant in their energy, fierce in their values, impeccable in their integrity, human and lovely in their emotions, working to contribute positively to the world, and willing to do whatever it takes… when they know what it is.

Most often, Melanie works specifically with leaders who need (WANT) a trained teammate to help them navigate the challenges of running their business, organization, family, or self. Deep self-inquiry to extract useable insight from which to decide accountable actions forward is always a part of this transformative process.

In this talk you’ll learn:

  • Why fear should be an advantage, not a disadvantage
  • How Melanie has used fear to her advantage and become a world-record-holding skydiver
  • How you can use fear to live the life of your dreams

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