ShankMinds Conference Vegas: Jan 23-24, 2019


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A spectacular three hour networking event the night before! The next morning, doors open at 8am, and we have breakfast! The event runs from 9am-5:30m, followed by group dinners!

This is a one-and-a-half day long, in-person conference and mastermind for entrepreneurs,  specifically focused on growing your business, increasing your revenue, and helping you get the breakthrough you’re craving.

— You’ll learn actionable strategies you can implement to get real results in your business.

— You’ll learn how to take intentional, focused action that moves you forward.

— You’ll soak up years of business knowledge from amazing entrepreneurs.

— You’ll hear from keynotes that have done it, and they’ll show you how to do it!

In Las Vegas, starting at on June 23rd and going until the last question has been answered on June 24th, you’ll soak up more knowledge, entrepreneurial hacks and greater value for your business than you’ve ever gotten in one place.


Sitting around tables with amazing business owners and entrepreneurs, you’ll each focus on breaking apart, dissecting, and reassembling your own unique business. You’ll work on busting through the challenges that have been holding you back, and getting actionable takeaways you can implement immediately to grow your business and generate new revenue.

You’ll walk away with countless new ideas and strategies that will grow your business


You’ll hear my brand new keynote focusing on success, failure, and why the winners in the economy of the next fifty years will be the ones crazy enough to go out on their own!

Additionally, you’ll hear where I believe the future of marketing, advertising, customer service, and business is going, and what you need to do to be ready for the customer of tomorrow!


A private event with limited space, you’ll focus on working only with those who also want to grow.

Each keynote speaker (including some famous ones) will stick around and chat with you – That’s usually unheard of at a networking event!

You’ll have multiple opportunities during the day to meet everyone at the Mastermind and focus on how you can help them, and how they can help you.


We provide a huge happy hour the night before, then meals, coffee, and plenty of snacks and drinks, so you’ll have lots of time to network with the people who matter – The people who can help you grow your business!


You’ll have the opportunity to join ShankMinds attendees from around the world in a private social network, where you can find new business, find help with any kind of problem, or even just find a dinner partner in a different city!