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About the Mastermind

Peter Shankman is the author of four books including his most recent “Zombie Loyalists” and is best known for founding Help A Reporter Out (HARO) and as the founder and CEO of The Geek Factory, Inc. a boutique social media, marketing and customer service strategy firm in NYC.

Peter Shankman’s latest project, ShankMinds: Breakthrough is for those who need a little mentoring, but aren’t ready to go and join a full-blown Mastermind just yet. Perhaps you haven’t fully launched your business.

Perhaps you’re still working for someone else. For whatever reason, you know you need mentoring, not to mention real-world feedback from people just like you – people who are in the same boat as you, but bring their own opinions and strategies to the table. You need a group of people you can trust, that you can call your own. We’re going to help you, and I want you to join us now: ShankMinds: Breakthrough!

The Shankmind'sters...

The Shankmind'sters...

“100% totally worth it! The relationships I’ve established through Shankminds have led to direct work and referrals that have put thousands of dollars in my pocket and the information I’ve received here have enabled me to make some long-desired lifestyle changes. The people who join Shankminds tend to be dynamic, funny, smart and super generous. As if that's not enough, you get access to Peter and his expertise and wisdom, too. What are you waiting for? Highly recommend."


“Two years after joining Shankminds, I’m happy. I love what I do. I help businesses communicate better. I help people under extraordinary pressure. I help make the world just a bit prettier. I work alongside the hands behind major presentations for top CEOs. My work flashes across main stages of premiere industry events, and livestreams to hundreds of thousands of people. This is why I’m on-list. Why I live and die by accountability check-ins. Whatever goal brought you here, I know you can do it, and I know this community will fight for you. Let me know if I can help.”


"Today was my first day in Shankminds’ business hours. Before the call even started, and certainly before I got to ask for help, people were already offering connections that can grow my business. Once I got to the actual ask during the call, the suggestions for events, groups, and contacts were very powerful... Since the call, I’ve been in chat with another member who has already connected me to a celebrity (an adorable dog with over 360,000 fans), and an organizer of a trade show, as well as with many ideas for other potential opportunities. I’ve already gotten more than my money’s worth just on my first call. What a group!”


Special Guest

Jadah Sellner

Jadah Sellner is an author, international keynote speaker, poet, and the creator of the Mentorship Lab™ & Build Your Challenge™ at

Since 2009, Jadah has started 3 businesses (including one brick and mortar) and now helps creative CEO’s, visionary entrepreneurs, and social change companies build communities with love, so that you can connect to your bigger vision, reach more people, support your family, and grow your income while NOT adding more work for you.

(You may also know her from her work as co-founder and co-author of Simple Green Smoothies, which has been featured on The Doctors TV show, Oprah's O Magazine, Target and the Wall Street Journal.)

When Jadah’s not helping world changers build their tribes with the Love Over Metrics™ movement, you can catch her reading Shel Silverstein poems at the dinner table. She lives in the San Francisco bay area with her husband, daughter, and their little “chiweenie” dog, Clementine.

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The ShankMinds: Breakthrough

LIVE Conferencing

Bring all your questions, and take lots of notes - You’ll have access to immense brainpower, ready to answer your questions and grow your business. Corporate clients pay tens of thousands of dollars for this!

Exclusive Content

From special guest lecturers, angel investors, Fortune 100 CEOs analyzing your business plan, to wildly successful entrepreneurs holding impromptu AMA sessions, ShankMinds Entrepreneurs have access to game-changing, exclusive content to grow their business, anytime!

Trusted Communities

Whether you need a lawyer, a graphic designer, a photographer, or just someone to listen to your new idea and tell you if it’s solid, you’ll find them in the ShankMinds Business Community. We’re entrepreneurs here for each other — 24/7/365.

Always Accountable

Each week, you’ll tell us what you’re working on for the next week, and what you need to do to get it done. We’ll keep you accountable, and hold your feet to the fire. You’ll see your productivity enter the stratosphere!

Increased Revenue

Whether in our private business online community, via Skype, conference call, or in person over a coffee, you’ll be connected with hundreds of other brilliant entrepreneurs around the world, who have gone through and solved the hurdles you’re facing in your business.

Global Community

Whether in our private business online community, via Zoom, conference call, or in person over a coffee, you’ll be connected with hundreds of other brilliant entrepreneurs around the world, who have gone through and solved the hurdles you’re facing in your business.

Business Networking

Need an introduction to a company you want to pitch? Chances are, we know someone. Want access to that hot launch event? One of our members is throwing it. ShankMinds is a very, very exclusive club, and that comes with a lot of high-level connections.

Work and Play

While we all love what we do, we also know that it can’t be about work 100% of the time. Whether meet-ups, dinners, or even health and fitness events (Team ShankMinds!) you’ll be making lifelong friends across the globe, who will have your back in and out of the office.

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