Office Hours: 11/13/2017

00:07:51 Elizabeth Fullerton: OMG, people watch the group in their timeline?
00:07:55 Welmoed Sisson: If you’re not paying for it, youre the product being sold
00:09:08 I LOVE Facebook!! 🙂
00:09:20 Melanie Curtis: I love FB too
00:09:27 Melanie Curtis: Giant no to slack from this girl
00:09:30 Ruth Carter, Esq.: Yes simple
00:09:36 Elizabeth Fullerton: Slack was chaos.
00:09:42 Chuck Flagg: I get notifications of all posts in the group so how I try to come and read everything…
00:09:43 Lou Bortone: Hate Slack
00:09:46 Joel Libava: no slack
00:09:48 Not to slack.
00:09:53 Melanie Curtis: Slack = horrid
00:09:56 Lou Bortone: Hate facebook
00:10:00 Lou Bortone: Hate everything today
00:10:08 Joel Libava: keep on FB until we can’t hang there anymore
00:10:36 Melanie Curtis: There once was a little girl with a little curl right in the middle of her forehead, when she was good she was very good, and when she was bad she was horrid. Like Slack.
00:11:06 Melanie Curtis: I love Lou.
00:11:11 Doug Levy (may be driving): Part of the problem before was there were too many channels
00:11:22 Lou Bortone: Thanks, Melanie…
00:11:25 Lou, you love me today and everyday. Me and Dave Grohl.
00:11:46 Lou Bortone: Yes.
00:12:09 Doug Levy (may be driving): I apologize I have to jump off and deal with a thing. Have a good week!
00:12:25 Joel Libava: I’m almost ready to take FB off my Smartphone again
00:13:31 Sacha Brant: Way to go Laura!! <3 00:14:08 Sacha Brant: It was a good piece! 00:14:16 My clients will be your clients too. Cuz they need the same stuff I do!! 🙂 00:14:57 Sacha Brant: LAURA!!!! 00:15:32 Jennifer Bristol: Ysmay, can you remind us where to access Peter’s media course in the group? 00:15:53 Ysmay Walsh: It’s on the website. 00:16:05 Jennifer Bristol: Great, thx 00:16:27 Elizabeth Fullerton: You got this, Ruth. And I’m you’re first client. 00:16:32 Elizabeth Fullerton: *your 00:17:22 Lou Bortone: Thanks, Joel! 00:17:32 Joel Libava: Shirley 00:18:26 Lou Bortone: God Damn PR? 00:19:03 Lou Bortone: Shiiiiiiiiit 00:22:34 Welmoed Sisson: Quite an impact... Luckily we don't do anything across the pond 00:23:23 Joel Libava: My provider Aweber should be handling this, right? 00:23:32 Welmoed Sisson: How the heck are we supposed to know?!? 00:24:09 Joel Libava: Good! 00:26:00 Welmoed Sisson: We've done that on other lists I run 00:29:37 Russ White: I’ve gotta bounce early.. friend coming over early for dinner 00:29:49 Lou Bortone: Bye Russ! 00:29:54 Ysmay Walsh: Have fun, Russ! 00:31:12 Joel Libava: Bye Russ-great to meet you last week 00:34:53 Jennifer Bristol: Love that, Joel! 00:35:29 Denise Garratt: would love that! - Thanks Joel. 00:35:37 Joel Libava: Sure 00:35:49 Chuck Flagg: Great offer Joel! 00:36:52 Joel Libava: I can't believe melanie would take a risk like that. She never does, right? 00:37:37 Joel Libava: what is his first name? 00:37:43 Joel Libava: Thanks 00:38:19 Denise Garratt: What are you eating lou - nails?? 00:39:21 Jennifer Bristol: Hey come on down to MX - fabulous dental care at 25% of the cost! 00:40:21 Ruth Carter, Esq.: A friend of a friend had a good experience in Mexico for medical work 00:40:32 Denise Garratt: There are several people in SoCal that that go to Drs in Mexico. Most have practices in the states. 00:40:53 Melanie Curtis: Joel, flee-flicker long pass for sure, yo! 😉 00:40:58 Jennifer Bristol: I’ve met highly skilled and reputable practitioners and there is a strong network for quality referrals 00:41:24 LOVE that book, Lou!!! 🙂 00:41:35 Lou Bortone: 🙂 00:41:56 Lou Bortone: Thanks for letting me vent… 🙂 00:45:31 Welmoed Sisson: 00:46:48 Ruth Carter, Esq.: I had custom postcards made from one of my photoshoots: 00:47:57 Welmoed Sisson: 00:48:11 Denise Garratt: Same - 00:48:12 Ruth Carter, Esq.: Dog park! 00:48:18 Jennifer Bristol: Gotta run. Thx everyone - catch you on Friday! 00:49:04 Sacha Brant: I did the same thing out here when we arrived! Works wonders. 00:49:41 Melanie Curtis: Learn a new skill.. 00:49:59 Welmoed Sisson: I'm going to learn welding at the club. 00:50:09 Melanie Curtis: Where do you live, Ysmay? 00:52:32 Welmoed Sisson: For a long time, we did an Orphan Family Thanksgiving Dinner, where we invited anyone to come to our house for dinner 00:53:30 Ysmay Walsh: @Melanie I split my time between the Finger Lakes in NY and Chicago currently. Looking at moving to Manhattan in the spring. 00:53:50 Ruth Carter, Esq.: Gotta jump off. Have a great night everyone. Kitty! 00:53:56 Melanie Curtis: I have to jam, team, but I’ll share a video I made that might be fun to watch, and I echo support of meet-ups.. and if you don’t like the meet-ups you see, you can always created your own 🙂 00:54:01 Melanie Curtis: See you guys next time! 🙂 00:55:21 Lou Bortone: PowerJaunt to Elizabeth’s 00:55:32 Elizabeth Fullerton: ^Hahahaha 00:55:58 PowerJaunt to Elizabeth's!! FOR SURE!! 00:56:15 Ysmay Walsh: Great idea!! 00:56:40 Lou Bortone: That sounds like a sitcom waiting to happen… 00:58:32 Lori Hoffer: Elizabeth is the group book butt kicker! 00:58:41 Joel Libava: Elizabeth is tough 00:59:02 Lori Hoffer: Whips not Whispers! 00:59:28 Mistriss Elizabeth!!! YES!! 00:59:30 Lou Bortone: Thanks gang! 00:59:41 Joel Libava: Thanks all! 01:00:46 Lori Hoffer: Looking forward to our chat tomorrow, Ysmay![/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column type="1_4"][et_pb_text background_layout="light" _builder_version="3.0.83"]

Date: 11/13/2017

Topic: Office Hours.

Length: 59 minutes